Mgr. Květa Kopecká

I am the lecturer of Czech for foreigners in Integration centre for foreigners in Náchod. I use the text book for learning Vietnamese. I like an idea that the guide of the text book is young Thomas with his friends and that the texts are situated into czech background. The windows with the vocabulary help me a lot especially with abstract concepts, which are hardly explained. The well-arranged grammatical tablets help very much the students (Vietnamese have problems to remember ends of each substantial, but with help of the tablets they are able to rightly make requested form). I am very grateful that the text book includes listening CD. Next advantage are exercises which are included just after new curriculum. Furthermore students can fill in these exercises and the lectuer does not have to copy anything. The choice of each lessons are from the real life as well as the choice of the grammar. In the course of each lessons I use the text book as main source and add it with other texts and pictures.


Mgr. Monika Janouchová

I use the textbook We live in Czech, we speak Czech  whose author is Vlaďka Kopczyková-Dobešová as a main material in education in Integration centre for foreigners in Jíčín. The textbook is published in 4 language mutation what is big advantage especially in courses which visit students from different world. All of them have same czech textbook with vocabulary translation into mother toungue. The lesson quides are young people. The themes of lessons are focused at day to day situations such as dialogues between students, friends, at school, at the doctor….Recordings at the enclosed CD are recorded by actors from Klicper theatre in Hradec Králové, the recordings are cleared and natural. The voice, pronuncation and performance mainly of Pavla Tomicová is a very pleasant bonus. We work with the listening every hour because the students in Integration centre have problems mainly with pronunciation. For complete practising of each language feature I use the exercises from other textbooks of czech language for foreigners.


Mgr. Jitka Křížková

I am the lectuer of czech for foreigners in Integration centre for foreigners in Hradec Králové. Because of the rich experience of Mrs. Vlaďka Dobešová from many years of her lectuer work and from recognition students needs there was originated the textbook We live in Czech, we speak czech. The themes comes from experiences and life situation which go along with day to day life of foreigners in Czech republic. The summary of gramatical part is comparable with complete curriculum for students from basic school. I recommend this textbook for improving their language mainly for russian and ukraine native speakers. I would like to mainly recommend vietnamese mutation which is regarding to my experiences with work with students from Vietnam very approving. With increasing number of immigrants there grows need for quality and time saving education of the czech language. The reason is the foreigners could apply at the employment market and later pass the exam important to acquire citizenship they must pass in very short time to handle the basics of the language with the accent at ordinary day to day life situations. The textbook of Mrs.Dobešové may be good help for the lectuers and students for such an education of czech language. 


PhDr. Iva Novotná – director of czech-russian primary school VĚDA, Prague

The textbook defines summary of primary education in czech language for foreigners and systematize group of experience of the given subject. The included information are available to all students. The text-book is systematised and defines progression of each parts of the subject matter. Subject is logically divided. Student can easily assume, fix (confirm) and control (together with tasks) the subject matter. This textbook fulfils even the self-educated function, stimulates students to be active and give them the space for individual work and study hour. 


Reportage - Naše zprávy, track 7:12min.TV Barrandov 13.3.2016 -


Mgr. Hana Friedlová - Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky hlavního města Prahy

The text-book We live in Czech, we speak czech belongs in between very succesful text-books of czech for foreigners. Aside general processed grammar, the text-book contents interesting short articles with vocabulary and a quality CD. Various exercises are completed with stylish pictures, several crosswords and texts of czech songs. The new workbook consists of practical additional exercises, pictures and general and short grammar tables. I can truly recommend this text-book with its workbook to every teacher and their pupils teaching and learning czech as a foreign language. 



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